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We analyze data from tens of thousands of solar installs, ensuring you the highest quality product at the absolute lowest price. That means no hidden dealer fees, and no exorbitant company margins. We are so confident in our pricing that we offer a price match guarantee at any point before the system is installed. Oh, and don’t forget your massive tax credit. You can deduct 26% of the value of the system, saving the average customer over $4000.

In minutes, you’ll receive multiple competing quotes from top-ranked, pre-vetted solar installers in your area. We never share your information with third parties without your consent, which means no more gimmicky emails and no more harassing phone calls.

An average solar customer reduces their carbon footprint by about 5.3 tonnes/year, equivalent to saving 6.5 acres of forest. We keep you up to date on cost-saving home improvement opportunities and exclusive government incentives to save green ($) by going green.


Who knows what you want on your roof more than an anonymous site designer 4 states away?


The days of discovering your system design and aesthetic on install day are sun and done! Using our unique visualization technology let’s see black on black LG panels will look on your red tile roof, now try the blue REC panels…


Choose from dozens of shapes, sizes, and colors for your panels, inverters, and batteries. To guide you through this solar sea of countless possibilities, we direct you to thousands of independent, third-party reviews, evaluating the quality and pricing for each component of your power generation. The opportunities are endless!



Sun and Done remains relentlessly dedicated to you, well after your sun (install) is done.

We won’t allow you to move forward without a 25-year warranty on your system, and additional coverage for your roof and electrical setup, all at no charge. We take pride in working with only the best roofers, electricians, and engineers. You deserve nothing less. Come rain, or come shine, our team is only a phone call away.


A lack of transparency has tainted the solar industry for years. Let’s work together to fix that!

We raise the curtain on pricing and raise the bar on customer service showing you exactly what people are paying in your area. We insist on showing you exactly where your money is going, from equipment & installation pricing, to project management costs, and more importantly where it shouldn’t be, sneaky dealer fees & excessive sales margins.